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Your decision to seek treatment for alcohol addiction or drug addiction can be a difficult one.  At Nirmal Darshan Nashamukti Kendra Haldwani, we welcome your questions, and we are eager to help you take that crucial first step in regaining control of your life. From admissions and treatment options to financial considerations and the structure of daily life at the Center, here are answers to questions we get every day from those seeking help for themselves or their loved ones.

Life at Our Rehab Center

Nirmal Darshan’s welcoming family atmosphere supports the long-term success of each individual. Your recovery requires an all-out assault on addiction from a variety of angles. We help you discover how to have healthy fun again and help you understand the value of nutrition and physical fitness — not only in achieving recovery but also in setting and achieving goals.

What programs do you offer?

Our mission is to help people achieve long-term sobriety and find purpose and happiness in daily life by successfully completing our residential program. We offer an inpatient, on-site drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that consists of individualized treatment plans; individual and group therapy; counseling; and aftercare planning.

I don't have a ride. Do you offer transportation?

Yes. If you don’t have a family member or friend who can make the trip, we would be happy to arrange transportation to our location. It’s important to us that you are safe! Just let your admissions coordinator know that you need transportation and we’ll make those arrangements immediately.

Who pays for the pick-up?

The patient/guardian has to pay for the pick up. The prices for the transportation depends on the distance of pick point from the center.

What happens during my admission to the Center?

Honesty is crucial during this phase. We will complete a comprehensive medical evaluation of you and review your medical history so that we can provide care that is tailored to your individual needs. By opening a direct and respectful dialogue with you, we begin to build a relationship of mutual trust that helps you get on the road to recovery.

Can I bring my cell phone?

No. You are certainly not allowed to bring your mobile phone with you. You won’t be able to carry it on you in the facility.

Can I bring my razor, hair dryer, or scissors?

No. To protect everyone’s safety, the staff will hold onto any razor or scissors. When you need to use it, simply ask the resident manager to sign it out to you. There is dedicated staff to ensure you meet standard hygiene conditions at all time. However, this will be done under complete surveillance and supervision

Am I allowed to smoke cigarettes/chew tobacco?

No. No cigarettes, tobacco or any alchohol is allowed in the premises of the center.   We also offer nicotine replacement therapy, which is available upon request. This therapy includes the nicotine patch or Nicorette Gum.

What kind of medications will I receive?

All medical protocols are tailored to the individual. Upon admission, the medical staff will give you a full medical assessment, and they will determine your specific protocol at that time.

How long will the treatment take?

There is no specific duration for fully treating a patient as  different addictions need different kind of attention. It also depends on individual’s will and efforts to fight the addiction. In Nirmal Darshan we recommend atleast six months of residential treatment and another 6 months o follow up.

What amenities are available at your facilities?

We provide live-in accommodations with amenities that include an activity Hall (indoor games), a TV room  and areas for patients to participate in yoga and other healthy activities. We also provide 24/7 transportation from home.

Will I have a roommate?

Most of our rooms are sharing. This means that you share a room with other patients. We do our best to match people who will be supportive of one another. If you have any problems with a roommate (loud snoring, messiness, etc.) just let us know and we will make a room change.

Are private rooms available?

No.  Unless required for safety purposes we do not let any patient be unattended at any time. This is conscious decision to develop team bonding.

What about meals? Are they prepared for us or do we cook for ourselves?

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared 7 days a week by our in-house, professional kitchen staff. Each day the menu varies. If you have special dietary needs or allergies, let us know. We are prepared to accommodate these requests. In addition, snacks, coffee, juices, and water are readily available.

What does a typical day look like while I'm in treatment?

We start each day with morning Yoga/meditation, goal setting, and a brief check-in with each guest. Our goal is to encourage a healthy and positive routine that focuses on the day. Treatment programs — including both individual and group therapy sessions — begin at 9 a.m. and wrap up around 3:30 p.m. Group activities  dinner and various 12-step meetings take place in the evening. We also have an end-of-day meeting with residents before bedtime to discuss each guest’s day and set the tone for the following day.

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